Quest Training – RMAD


  • Active Directory Administrators who are responsible for maintaining their environment


  • Basic administration knowledge of Active Directory

Using our virtual training center, we make sure every student has their own:

  • Windows Server 2008 Server for the installation of the RMAD Console
  • Two Domain Controllers for their own fully operational domain

Our students are given the chance to create their environment and utilize the tool in an actual world-type situation. The opportunity to work with the tool in this type of setting lets the student learn by “doing” beyond simply “watching”. They can also check out their strategy in a controlled realistic environment.

After the course, the student should be prepared to:

  • Understand the role of Recovery Manager in their environment
  • Install Recovery Manager Console in their environment
  • Understand and make the choice for using built-in agents or provided backup agent
  • Develop custom collections to meet the specific needs of their environment
  • Implement an RMAD backup schedule for Domain Controllers and Active Directory
  • Complete online or offline recoveries
  • Backup and restore selective objects and/or attributes with AD

This is a 12-hour class done in two six-hour sessions (lab, lecture, and testing). The lab time will allow time for the students to practice what was taught. This web-based private class is taught using the VTC. Up to eight students from a single organization are allowed.

Download the Recovery Manager for Active Directory PDF now.

For more information about our Recovery Manager for Active Directory training, contact LeadThem Consulting at or 1-888-667-2621, or Quest Software at 1-800-306-9329.