Quest Training – GPOAdmin


  • Group Policy Administrators
  • Active Directory Administrators who are responsible for maintaining their environment


  • Administrative knowledge of Active Directory
  • Ability to work with Group Policy Objects

We utilize our virtual training center to allow each student their own:

  • Windows Server 2008 Server for the installation of the GPOAdmin products
  • Two Domain Controllers for their own fully operational domain

Students will have the chance to construct their own environment and try using the tool in a production-type situation. With complete access to the tool in this type of setting, the student learns by “doing” rather than just “watching”, and can also test out their plans and ideas in a controlled yet realistic setting.

After finishing this class, the student should be able to:

  • Install the GPOAdmin toolset in their environment
  • Work with the Version Control system
  • Delegate Roles to users of the GPOADmin client
  • Lock down GPOs for protection and security
  • Cloak GPOs so that they are not even visible without the appropriate permissions
  • Revert GPOs to a previous version

Download the GPOAdmin PDF now.

For more information about our GPOAdmin training, contact LeadThem Consulting at or 1-888-667-2621, or Quest Software at 1-800-306-9329.