Quest Training – AD & Messaging


  • Staff responsible for monitoring Active Directory or Exchange
  • AD and Exchange Administrators


  • Basic administrative knowledge of Active Directory and Exchange

Using our virtual training center, we provide all students with their own:

  • Windows Server 2008 Server with Exchange 2010
  • Two Domain Controllers for their own fully operational domain

We design our courses to allow students the chance to work with the tool in a real world-type setting, in an environment of their own creation. This gives them the chance to test out their ideas and to learn by “doing” as opposed to simply “watching”.

During the course, the student should learn to:

  • Understand the correct usage of Spotlight in their environment
  • Define the Exchange environment within the system
  • Setup scheduled monitoring for Exchange (Exchange Services, Exchange Blackberry Services, OWA) and Active Directory (Specific Domain Controllers, Replication, DNS, etc)
  • Use the Spotlight “Live Connection” to spot problems as they occur for fast and efficient resolution
  • View and disseminate reports based on data collected via Spotlight

This 12-hour class is delivered in two six-hour sessions, including lab, lecture, and testing. Lab time includes practice opportunities for students. This private class is taught using our web-based VTC. Class can include up to eight people from one organization.

Download the Spotlight on AD and Messaging PDF now.

For more information about our AD and Messaging training, contact LeadThem Consulting at or 1-888-667-2621, or Quest Software at 1-800-306-9329.