Quest Partner MMAD & MMEX Combo Certification


This class is intended for those who will be planning and implementing the migration of Active Directory & Exchange based data. The version of the operating system will be Windows 2012 R2 64-bit for Active Directory and Exchange Server 2013 SP3 server for this class.

We use our Virtual Training Center (VTC) to provide each student with two working domains:

  • Domain 1 (Source) includes:
    • Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controller for a fully operational domain.
    • Exchange Server 2013 SP1 server installed and running.
    • Win7 workstations with Outlook.
  • Domain 2 (Target) includes:
    • Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controller for a fully operational domain.
    • Exchange Server 2013 SP1 server installed and running.
    • Windows 2012 server for installing QMM and managing the migration.

Each student will have the opportunity to administrate and experiment with the tool in a “real world” setting using their own assigned servers. By giving the student full-access to a production class environment the student gets used to working in “production” so when the time comes to do the actual work it will be second nature via the training and hands on labs.


Upon completion of the training, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the underlying factors involved in building a successful migration plan.
  • Develop a migration plan.
  • Configure domains and Exchange in preparation of Migration.
  • Install QMM and all pre-requisites.
  • Understand object matching.
  • Migrating Computers, Users and Groups
  • How to deal with duplicate SamAccount Names
  • Install Exchange migration agents.
  • Create collections for migrating mail and calendar objects.
  • Implement Public Folder migration.
  • Implement final steps by switching the user from Source Exchange to Target with minimal or no end user interaction knowledge.


  • The QMMAD/EX class is aimed at training and certifying Senior System Administrators and Senior
    Exchange Administrators.


There is an expected level of knowledge in, and understanding of, the following areas:

  • Client-server Technology
  • Networking and TCP/IP communications
  • Active Directory and Exchange
  • Creating a Trust between domains
  • Disabling SID Filtering
  • Working with the AdsiEdit Server tool
  • How to create send/receive connectors in Exchange
  • Setting up a throttling policy in Exchange
  • How to create a SQL user account
  • Setting up proper roles in SQL
  • Basic understanding of restricted groups

It is also important to be able to follow directions from the instructors. If it is found that the base level
of knowledge is not there then the instructor may suggest that the student takes the micro class that
covers all of the admin work.


This is a 40-hour class done in five eight-hour sessions that include lecture, lab, and testing at the end of each “handson” lab.

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