Custom Training

Why should you create your own custom training course?

Simply put, because it’s the only way to get exactly what you need!

Microsoft, Oracle, and many other key technology companies offer training that helps you to learn their technologies, regardless of whether you need to know ALL of it or not. At LeadThem Consulting, our approach to training is to couple real life applicability with the highest quality instruction possible. If all you need to know to do your job effectively is 50% of Windows 2008 Server functionality along with 50% of a specialized ERP application, why spend two weeks in a class if one week in a Quest training center will get you back to work sooner, contributing at a higher level?

All LeadThem Consulting training is based on the premise that each student should have their own completely independent environment that mimics their production environment as closely as possible. Our format typically starts with a PowerPoint lecture delivered via the web, followed by a hands-on lab where the student is assigned a production environment for their lab work. Once a student has completed their lab work, they then take a test where the Quest software lab instructor will evaluate if they understand the concepts well enough to move on, or if additional attention is needed for a key concept. This process allows true hands-on learning to take place.


By allowing LeadThem Consulting to create your custom class, you will obtain all the training materials used in our VTC so that you and your co-workers can set up your own Quest virtual training lab in the office to practice what you learn and/or help new employees get up to speed. LTC can also custom-build internal training labs if desired.

To learn more about our custom virtual training, contact LeadThem Consulting today!