Quest Privilege Manager for Unix

Securely Manage and Control UNIX Root Access – Policy, Delegation, and Keystroke Logging

Quest Privilege Manager for Unix protects the full power of root access from potential misuse or abuse. Privilege Manager helps you to define a security policy that stipulates who has access to which root function, as well as when and where individuals can perform those functions. It controls access to existing programs as well as any purpose-built utilities used for common system administration tasks. With Privilege Manager, you don’t need to worry about someone—whether inadvertently or maliciously—deleting critical files, modifying file permissions or databases, reformatting disks, or damaging Unix systems in more subtle ways.

Quest Password Manager

Within the Unix world, common management tasks often require root access. Unfortunately, native root access is an all-or-nothing proposition. Consequently, as organizations add new users, fix printer queues, and perform other routine jobs on Unix systems, the concern for control, compliance, and security grows. These routine tasks should not expose root passwords to those who don’t need them.

Privilege Manager also allows administrators to increase security as it protect sensitive data from network monitoring by encrypting root commands or sessions it controls. This capability includes control messages and input entered by users as they run commands through Privilege Manager.

Benefits of Privilege Manager for UNIX

  • Enhance security through fine-grained, policy-based control of root access
  • Enable compliance through compartmentalization of IT tasks that require root access
  • Gain visibility and control through automated, secure keystroke logging
  • Satisfy compliance/internal security standards through automated gathering of necessary data for
  • Prevent unapproved Unix root activity

Privilege Manager for Unix is an important component of any heterogeneous organization’s comprehensive compliance and identity management strategy. It perfectly complements Unix identity integration initiatives using Quest’s Vintela Authentication Services and compliance efforts enhanced through Quest’s Compliance Portal.

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