Compliance – Manage Change to Applications & System Configurations

Process Management: With sophisticated workflow and process control capabilities, Quest solutions help you control and track changes to your production applications and system configurations from the time the change is requested through its automated deployment to production. With these solutions, you can implement effective, secure, and auditable internal controls over the change management process.

Release Management: Quest solutions fully automate the deployment of approved changes to production systems. With these solutions you can rest assured that the right changes are deployed to the right systems at the right times.

Change Audit: Quest solutions provide a complete, detailed audit trail of all changes to your systems. Moreover, Quest provides mechanisms for detecting any unauthorized or unrecorded changes that result from circumventing the normal change management process. With these solutions, you can easily audit all changes to production systems to ensure that they comply with your change policies.

Change Rollback: Your risk from implementing bad or inappropriate changes to production systems are dramatically reduced with Quest solutions. For those rare cases where a problematic change makes it into production, however, Quest provides the ability to quickly roll the system back to its previous good version. With Quest solutions, you can be assured of a quick and effective recovery from the deployment of a problematic change.