Compliance – Manage Availability to Critical Systems & Data

Real-time Monitoring: Quest solutions help you implement real-time monitoring of all components of your application’s technology stack. Quest solutions help you better control your application’s availability with fine-grained monitoring of individual transactions and user response times. Moreover, Quest solutions integrate with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and extend the reach of MOM into Unix and Linux environments.

Service Level Management: Quest solutions help you map business objectives to both system and application-specific performance information across every tier of the application stack. With these solutions, application and IT managers can better understand end-user service levels, notify stakeholders when those service levels are violated, and assign problem resolution tasks to the appropriate domain experts.

Recovery and Failover: When systems fail, it is important to get them back up and running as quickly as possible. Quest offers a number of solutions that provide quick recovery from system failure. With high availability solutions for Oracle and fast recovery solutions for Windows, SQL Server, Exchange and Active Directory, Quest helps get you back up and running with minimal downtime.