Compliance – Access to Sensitive Systems & Data

Control & Monitor Access to Sensitive Systems & Data

Authentication: Quest solutions enable you to extend Microsoft’s directory service, Active Directory (AD), to non-Windows systems and applications. With these solutions, you can replace antiquated and non-compliant authentication mechanisms, such as Network Information Services (NIS), and centralize your account management and authentication for greater control and operational efficiency.

Account Management: Quest solutions help you automate all aspects of the account management process thereby facilitating role-based provisioning, policy enforcement, segregation of duties, and delegation of administrative privileges. With these solutions, you can implement secure and auditable internal controls over the account management process.

Account Review: Quest solutions enable you to review user accounts and their associated privileges by automatically discovering and reporting these accounts. With these solutions, you can perform periodic reviews and detect accounts that fail to comply with your access policies.

Access Monitoring: Quest solutions help you collect, analyze, report, and generate real-time alerts for all relevant access-related events across heterogeneous systems. With these solutions, you can detect inappropriate or suspicious access to critical systems and take appropriate action in a timely manner.