Active Directory to Active Directory Migration Project Estimate Package 1 – 250 Users (Pre-Paid)

Migration Project Package Includes:

  • Project Management
  • Architect and Certified Consulting Resources
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Documentation & Knowledge Transfer

This Migration Package utilizes our years of migration experience with Quest and Dell Professional Services to estimate the amount of time needed to migrate between 1 and 250 users using the Dell Migration Manager tool.

You might ask why is it not a fixed bid?

Great question! And the answer is: every environment is different, which is why we cannot assume to know exactly how much time is needed for each client until after the discovery process has been completed (which is day 1). If, for some reason, it does look like it will be longer than we estimated (i.e. via some environmental issue) we will identify that immediately and work with senior staff.

What happens if I don’t use all my time up or I need more?

If it turns out additional hours are needed they can be purchased at the same discounted, prepaid rate. If all the hours are not used then a service credit will be issued allowing the client to utilize the hours / credits for migration and/or other services.

How Much is the Migration Project Estimate Package for 1 – 250 Users?

The Project will last for an estimated period of 1 week and will include 48 Consulting Hours and 8 Project Management hours, delivered remotely, for a total pre-paid cost of $8,400.

When can we start?

We can start with very little lead time assuming remote delivery (onsite is available but requires more advanced planning along with the cost of travel and expenses).