Staff Augmentation Services

What is Staff Augmentation?

It’s a word combination we use a lot, Staff Augmentation, but it means different things to different people. To us it means a custom-hired and trained LTC resource managed by our clients for a specific project or department.

What makes LTCs’ Staff Augmentation Different? It’s Our Philosophy, Methodology, and Cost

LTC’s Staff Augmentation Philosophy

  • Each client has a resource need that is absolutely unique from one another. While it may be true that generic skill-sets may be needed, it is also true that each internal company culture is unique as are the teams they work within.
  • For a staff augmentation resource to be truly effective they must be accepted within the team for true team cohesion to be accomplished.  And when it does, it creates incredible amounts of productivity and overall project success.

LTC’s Staff Augmentation Methodology

  • Position Review:
    • Review the resource request to fully understand the technical need.
    • Discuss any long term plans (i.e. potential contract-to-hire, or strictly contract) to ensure the candidate is fully aware of the long-term intensions. Granted, intentions may change, but we try to ensure we set expectations early in the process.
  • Interview Manager:
    • Talk with hiring manager about current staff, environment, corporate culture and team dynamics
    • If possible meet with hiring manager for an onsite visit to fully understand the culture and if possible team dynamics.
  • Candidate Screening:
    • Our screening process begins with us searching our internal database of known resources for matches to current staffing needs.  These are resources that have been fully vetted both technically and personally for previous engagements.   If we find a match in our known-entity database, that candidate will be presented to the customer immediately with our full confidence of a successful match. If a match is not found in our known-entity database we will search outside sources for potential candidates.  When we locate resumes that are a match to the requirements we begin a three-step process for candidate evaluation.
    • Initial contact and interview performed by a recruiting team member.  This interview will help us establish resource availability, pay scale, and a first impression of expertise and personality.  Approximately 50% of candidates will be advanced past the initial interview process.
    • Technical screening is performed by one of our full-time consultants with ten or more years of experience with the required technology.  This interview process focusses on real-world experience and the ability to describe configuration, administration and processing.   The candidate will describe past work and also be asked situational questions to see if they have been fully exposed in prior positions.  Less than 20% of candidates advance past the technical screening process.
    • Hands-on technical screening and supplementary training.  The hands-on screening will be conducted via WebEx using our in house training environment.  We have thirty training servers running hundreds of virtual images, allowing us to tailor an environment specific to the clients’ configuration.  Any gaps in a candidate’s knowledge will be fully exposed during this process.  Minor gaps will be addressed at this time with hands-on training provided by a resource with specific task expertise.  Major knowledge gaps will eliminate the candidate.
    • Background Check.  A typical background check consists of the following:
      • Identity validation
      • Criminal court records (state and federal)
      • Worker’s compensation records
    • Drug Testing.  A typical 5-panel, urine drug screen is conducted through a Quest Diagnostics facility, and the following is screened:
      • Amphetamines
      • Cocaine metabolite
      • Marijuana metabolites
      • Opiates (codeine and morphine)
      • Phencyclidine
    • After 3 choices have been made, each resource will be asked to complete a course in their area of expertise that will be graded to ensure expertise is at the level they have stated. In short, we back up our soft data with hard data & test scores.
    • We present our top choice(s) to our client to be interviewed internally.
    • If a candidate is chosen, they will be paid via LTC but will report directly to our client.
  • Candidate Positioning:
    • Once we have fully vetted a candidate, we will provide documentation from the interview process for your review.  The documentation will include:
      • Candidate’s resume
      • Initial impression summary
      • Technical interview summary
      • Hands-on screening summary
      • Skills assessment datasheet
  • Placement:
    • Once you have made the decision to move forward with our resource we provide flexible options on how you can utilize our resource.
      • Staff augmentation – Contractual agreement to use this resource for a fixed period of time.  Extendable after initial contract period has been exhausted.
      • Direct placement – Permanent position offered to candidate.
      • Project-based consulting – Contractual agreement for this resource to work on a specific project with term ending upon completion of pre-defined tasks.

LeadThem Consulting Staff Augmentation Cost:

  • Each candidate is recruited independently versus having a person on staff trying to force their skill set and personality into a specific position. In short, we do not have the added cost of “carrying” resources until we find a position we can fit them into.
  • While it is true we spend a lot more time on the selection of each candidate than our competitors, our cost, in comparison, is typically lower than our competitors given our “just in time” model.

Can I hire a resource from LTC when the Staff Augmentation is completed or mid-way through?

  • The answer is YES.  See the table below.
Number of days employee works as Contractor under this Vendor Agreement before being released for direct employment with Company Fee Company will pay to Contractor for release of its employee (as a Recruiter fee)

0 – 60 days

25% of direct employment annual salary

61-120 days

20% of direct employment annual salary

121-180 days

15% of direct employment annual salary

181-365 days

10% of direct employment annual salary

366 + days

No fee to company

Yes, LTC Staff Augmentation IS Different than Traditional Approaches

The bottom line is LTC is a company who offers staff augmentation personnel who are refined via our top notch consulting team. We definitely are not a body shop where we pass resumes back and forth, and we are definitely not a company trying to use benched employees to fit in positions they don’t belong in.

What we ARE is a company that truly cares about our client success and shows that by ensuring each client has the perfect fit for each position. We approach Staff Augmentation from the same perspective we approach our consulting practice, which is, first and foremost, to define expectations and take every step needed to ensure those expectations are exceeded.

LeadThem Consulting Staff Augmentation Services provide flexible staffing options from the temporary to permanent placements.  Our approach to verifying expertise while ensuring corporate and team culture fits is what sets us apart from the competition.