Reality Checks – SharePoint Migration

Why should we do a SharePoint Migration Reality Check?

  • Migrating to SharePoint can be a difficult endeavor. This is especially true if you’re looking for a method that’s cost-effective, well-timed and has minimal impact on your end users. The Reality Check gives you critical data about exactly what is involved and necessary in a SharePoint server migration as you move your critical application content from existing platforms.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Those searching for a strategic plan to consolidate ever growing amounts of organizational data
  • Companies currently supporting disparate legacy systems, i.e. Exchange Public Folders, File Shares, Lotus Notes, etc. who want to reduce IT budgets by standardizing on SharePoint
  • Organizations using SharePoint 2003 who want to migrate to SharePoint 2007, while keeping the 2003 site intact and functional
  • Teams seeking guidance on ways to ensure that the migration/consolidation project is a complete success

Key Advantages

  • Data is standardized on a single platform. This reduces resource management and increases productivity
  • A comprehensive report is customized for you detailing the most efficient way to migrate and consolidate onto SharePoint
  • Experienced consultants will lead your team through the strategic planning of your Microsoft SharePoint migration

LTC’s Service Delivery Approach

  • Conduct a brainstorming session to clearly outline migration goals and requirements
  • Make sure your team understands the reasoning behind your project, the timeline for the migration, the perceived risks during the process, and methods for mitigating these risks
  • Define an upper level SharePoint migration process that has been expressly personalized for the environment and needs of your company

This Reality Check Service offering is currently available for $3,300

Download SharePoint Migration Reality Check PDF.