Quick Starts – Sharepoint

Why should we do a SharePoint Administration Quick Start?

  • Clear visibility into your SharePoint environment is vital. A Quick Start will ensure you know exactly how SharePoint is being used in your organization and will also equip your team with the best ways to plan for, control and manage the platform’s growth.

Who will benefit?

  • Those needing to discover the scope of their SharePoint environment to better manage server storage, network performance and support backlog issues
  • Organizations needing to track their SharePoint resources to prevent security breaches and maintain corporate compliance standards
  • Companies needing to exercise enterprise-wide SharePoint server and site policy management to efficiently manage their environment
  • Teams seeking guidance on ways to ensure maximum control and the most effective management of their SharePoint installations

Key Advantages

  • Discover the state, scope and exact number of SharePoint servers/sites and be able to address potential performance, storage, security, support and compliance issues immediately
  • Decision makers will have the information they need to make informed choices by understanding the health of your servers/sites, performance metrics, usage statistics and user activity
  • Experienced consultants lead your team through strategic discussions about effective SharePoint administration and best practices
  • A comprehensive report, customized for you detailing the most efficient way to achieve complete SharePoint management, enterprise wide

LTC’s Service Delivery Approach

  • Discover all SharePoint sites and servers to deliver clear visibility into your current environment
  • Discuss and brainstorm with your team about the most productive ways to administer SharePoint both today and into the future
  • Define and document a high level SharePoint administration process that is specifically tailored to your needs and environment

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Download SharePoint Administration Quick Start PDF.