Guardian Services – Administration Guardian

At LeadThem Consulting we know that emergencies happen. When they do, you need the best of the best to immediately identify and eliminate the problem.

LTC’s Administration Guardian Services provide:

  • Support for your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Weekly or daily inspection of your critical systems and tools to ensure optimum performance and productivity.
  • One-hour turn around time for emergency situations.
  • Maximum performance configuration for your servers, databases, applications and tools.
  • Weekly reports of system health, performance and prioritized work to be scheduled.
  • Analysis and reporting on areas of opportunities and threats.
  • DBA, System Administration, Network & Application Administration as needed.
  • 20 hours of Administration Guardian Services support customized, your way, each month

Our vendor certified consultants support: Microsoft, UNIX, Oracle, SQL Server, Enterprise Applications, and every tool set from AlarmPoint, Quest Software, and Tevron

Administration Guardian FAQ’s

How does Administration Guardian work?
Our vendor certified consultants work with your administrators to find the least obtrusive way to perform administrative, performance tuning, emergency, training, and documentation tasks.

Why use Administration Guardian since I already have purchased support?
We do what your support people will not do: proactively ensure your systems are working at the highest level.

Support is great to have but typically it’s a phone call, a case number, and a place in a long line when a problem occurs. With Guardian we seek to prevent the support call from ever happening.

We have trained administrators why do I need Administration Guardian?
Your administrators often do not have the time it takes to address their systems in a proactive manner.

LeadThem Consulting’s top level resources complement your internal resources. We give you peace of mind when you need a second set of eyes or specialist to “dig in” to a very complex problem.

Administration Guardian can assist new administrators in learning the nuances of your system in the shortest amount of time.

Guardian is currently available for $4,000 per month!

Download Administration Guardian Services PDF.