24/7 Help Now!

Even with the quality of your technical staff, software and change control process, technical emergencies sometimes do happen.

LeadThem Consulting will use whatever tool or resource we have to ensure client success, whether it’s one of the industry-leading Microsoft, Oracle, or Quest Software solutions, or another tool that our certified consultants deem necessary. Helping our clients successfully resolve their emergency situation as quickly as possible is our top priority. We can assist you within an hour of your order. When completing the order form, please include as much background information as you can and you will hear from us promptly.

To have one of our senior consultants working to solve your emergency within an hour, contact our Technical Emergency Services here. Billing will be in 8-hour increments, $1,750 per increment.

LTC offers many non-emergency solutions as well. Take a look around or website to learn more about our other offerings, including Exchange migration support, SharePoint consulting, specialized technical training, and much more.