Migration Manager for Exchange to Office 365 Training

LeadThem Consulting brings to you a training course that combines the flexibilty and functionality of Migration Manager with the need to move Exchange infrastructure to Office 365 / the Cloud. Click the link below to discover more about this exciting new training opportunity.



Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Instructor Led Training gives you the ability to interact with a Migratuion Professional, throughout the course, using our online training platform.  Complete the training under the guidance of an instructor in a 3 day instructor led class.  The classes are scheduled at regular intervals and can be scheduled on demand if the need arises.

MMEXO365 Course Outline – Instructor Led

MMEXO365 Syllabus – Instructor Led


Student Led training (SLT)

If you want your training to be on demand, complete the class at your own pace using the student led option.  Student Led Training allows you to complete the course at a pace and schedule defined specifically by you, for you.  The class is typically completed within a week.  Videos are available, within the class, for additional guidance.  Technical assistance, if required, is also available via email and remote login.  This is typically suited for more experienced Miration Specialists, especially if you have a busy schedule that restrics your office hours availablity.

MMEXO365 Course Outline – Student Led

MMEXO365 Syllabus – Student Led