Migration Manager for Active Directory RUM Utility

29/08/14 3:47 PM

Resource Updating Utility (RUM)

To Move With or Without Agents that is the question


Perform the task remotely default is checked when moving a computer. What does it do?



If you uncheck what does that do?


We are mainly talking with in the moving feature of RUM.


Moving A computer with RUM when using rum to move a computer you have a choice of Agent vs Agentless. There is only one main thing to think of when deciding whether to use agent or agentless during your move process. Do you have Multiple Sites? Yes… you want to do an Agent Move; No… Either would be fine.


Agent Move

·         Is done on the local computer

·         Talks to the local Domain controllers closest to the computer

Agentless move

·         Is done on the RUM box

·         Talks to the Domain Controllers closest to the Rum Box


When you have a multisite AD installation you have to wait on replication by default can take between 15 and 45mins depending on the number of sites and replication partners. If you do an agentless and the rum server is in a different site then you will be waiting on replication. If you do an agent based move you add the computer to the site that the computer is on and will not have to wait on replication.

Author: Wayne Thompson, Technical Architect, LeadThem Consulting

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