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Wednesday, Oct. 11th 2017

Issue: Citrix/Roaming profiles are not used after RUM processing

Description Steps to recreate the problem: Citrix roaming profiles are in use. Roaming profile folders naming standard is “username.sourcedomain.v2”. Process profiles folder with a RUM processing task to add target permissions. When the migrated user logs onto the target domain a new roaming profile folder is created. This is not the expected behavior, the new […]

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Wednesday, Oct. 12th 2016

Troubleshooting Process Elevation in Privilege Manager

Here are some tips when trying to discover why the process elevation feature is not working as expected. Ensure that the rule has been created, has been saved and applied to a Group Policy Object (GPO). Ensure this GPO has been linked to either an OU or the domain. Ensure that the Privilege Authority Client is […]

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Monday, Oct. 10th 2016

Troubleshooting Desktop Authority

As with any computer program, especially a management application such as Desktop Authority (DA), there will be times when you’ll be required to troubleshoot issues that may be encountered while using the product.  This is a brief overview of the log files produced by DA to assist with troubleshooting. There are three categories of log […]

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Monday, Aug. 15th 2016

Using Exchange 2013 Logs to Troubleshoot Migration Issues

During a Quest Migration for Exchange, you may run into problems that can delay or even halt the migration.  Quickly pinpointing the issue can get your migration back on track.  One way of achieving this is to review the logs of the affected systems.  Exchange 2013 has an enhanced set of logging capabilities that can […]

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Monday, Oct. 12th 2015

The Decision to migrate has been made. Now What!?!

You’re the IT guy and the company has been bought, changed names, or your just simply cleaning up old Ailing domain that should have gone years ago. There are a few things you need to do before seeking out quotes for software and beginning your Active Directory Migration. A few questions to ask: How many users […]

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