Quest Training – FPASS

This course is intended for the current and/or future administrators of the Foglight Performance Analysis for SQL Server tool.

The course utilizes Quest Software’s state-of-the-art virtual training center (VTC). Each student taking the Quest training lab is assigned their own:

  • Windows 7 Worstation
  • Windows 2012 Production database server with a SQL Server Instance to monitor
  • Windows 2012 Middleware server with a SQL Server Instance

Because every student has complete access to their own “real world” environment, they are able to spend their time in the virtual Quest training center “doing” instead of “watching”, the focus of so many other training courses. During this class, the students will spend approximately 60% of the time doing hands-on lab work with the assistance of an experienced instructor as opposed to listening to a lecture.

This class is intended for FPASS super users or administrators with mid-level SQL server administration and Windows administration skills. It is recommended that this course be completed before enrolling in other Quest virtual training center FPASS classes.

After completing this class, the student should be able to:

  • Select the right architecture for their installation
  • Size the long-term repository and middleware
  • Complete the installation and configuration of FPASS
  • Administrate FPASS
  • Utilize FPASS best practices & advisories
  • Identify problems as they occur or retroactively
  • Understand the Agent Administration options available to them
  • Generate and publish custom reports

This twelve hour course includes lab, lecture, and testing offered as:

  • Public, internet-based class delivered via the Quest VTC
  • Private, internet-based class delivered via the Quest VTC for up to eight students

For more information regarding Foglight Performance Analysis on SQL Server training, contact LeadThem Consulting at or 1-888-667-2621, or Quest Software at 1-800-306-9329.


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