Quest Training – Foglight WCF

This course will be used by Quest Professional Services instructors to train Quest customers on how to build custom dashboards. This course was designed for users and administrators of Foglight.


  • Foglight Operator Course for users and Foglight Administrator Course for administrators


Lesson 1 – Data Model

  • The Basics
  • Topology
  • TopologyObject
  • Navigating the Model

Lesson 2 – WCF Drag & Drop Dashboards

  • Available options
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Metrics (Charts, Gauges, Lists)
  • Table View
  • Template View
  • Sharing Views
  • Dragging Views, Objects and Metrics
  • Fixed Position Layout Dashboards
  • Reporting

Lesson 3 – WCF Web Component Framework

  • Modules
  • Introduction to Views, Icons, Functions (in-depth look through labs)
  • Queries (A to Z)
  • Contexts (A to Z)
  • Flow

This class, including hands-on activities, is offered as a private, instructor-led class taught via Webex over 4 days for 6 hours per day, for up to 8 students.

Download the Foglight WCF PDF now.

For more information about our Foglight WCF training, contact LeadThem Consulting or 1-888-667-2621, or Quest Software at 1-800-306-9329.


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