PowerShell Classes – Quest AS

LeadThem Consulting’s virtual training lab is used for this course, which was created for both present and future Powershell users and developers.

Prerequisite: PowerShell Class 1 – Introduction to PowerShell 2.0

Each student enrolled in the course is assigned their own:

  • Windows Server 2008 Server for installing and using with QAS
  • Windows 2008 Server with Exchange 2007 already installed and running
  • A Windows Domain Controller for an individual, fully operational domain
  • A UNIX workstation configured with QAS to be able to manage in Active Directory

Each student taking this LTC lab has the opportunity to create an environment to work with PowerShell in a “real-world” setting, using the Production Class Servers. Access the tool in such a setting allows students to learn by “doing” as an alternative to “watching”, as well as the chance to try out plans and ideas in a secure environment that’s still relevant.

This LTC online virtual training course is intended for current PowerShell users/developers who understand concepts such as delegation of rights, basic user and group administration, and domain structure. After finishing this class, students should have the ability to:

  • Use PowerShell and the Quest-supplied snap-ins for Quest Authentication Services to manage Active Directory
  • Use various Quest cmdlets such as Enable-QasUnixUser, Get-QasConfiguration and Get-QasGpo

This is a three-hour course completed in a single half-day session, which includes lecture, lab work, and testing. This LeadThem Consulting virtual training center course is offered as a private class for up to ten pupils from a single organization, or as a public course.

Download the PowerShell Class 4 PDF now.

For additional information on this course, contact training@leadthemconsulting.com or call 1-888-667-2621.


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