Spotlight on SQL Server

Spotlight Statistics Repository

Stores long-term historical data for future analysis and planning purposes. You can use or build on the example reports provided or create you own reports by querying the data yourself.

Quest Password Manager

SQL Analysis
The SQL Analysis page is part of the SQL Activity drilldown. SQL Analysis immediately highlights SQL being executed that does not conform to a set of user-defined performance criteria. You can view SQL from both a real-time and historical perspective. From the SQL Analysis page, you can use Quest SQL Tuning to tune the non-conforming SQL that you have identified.

Historical Playback
Detailed information is available in Playback mode to view historical performance alarms including:

  • CPU alarm – Detailed information includes the top five CPU consumers at the time of the alarm
  • Disk Queue Length alarm – Detailed information includes the top five I/O bandwidth consumers at the time of the alarm
  • Blocking alarm – Detailed information includes the full blocking tree and the SQL of all participants

Xpert Tuning
Completely automate the process of resolving SQL performance issues. Xpert tuning will identify, tune and benchmark problematic SQL in your SQL Server environment, regardless of where your SQL resides. Xpert tuning also provides the ability to investigate indexing strategies through automated index generation

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