Spotlight on Oracle (RAC, Xpert)

There is an explosion of data today, and performance bottlenecks impact your organization. You need a solution to identify, diagnose and resolve performance problems quickly. Spotlight on Oracle enables real-time diagnostics, providing the fastest way to find and fix performance bottlenecks in your Oracle database environment.

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  • Key Benefits
  • Discover hard-to-find bottlenecks that comprise up to 80% of performance issues
  • Eliminate guesswork in identifying and fixing problems in the Oracle database
  • Instant visual comprehension, via an intuitive GUI, of performance bottlenecks for quick time to resolution
  • Prevent or minimize unplanned downtime of the database

See Which Spotlight on Oracle Edition is Right For You

  • Spotlight on Oracle Standard Edition
    Identify and diagnose thousands of performance issues—whether it’s a specific user, resource-intensive SQL transaction, I/O bottleneck, lock wait or other exact source. Automatically set baselines, thresholds and display alerts.
  • Spotlight on Oracle RAC Edition
    Get all of the Standard Edition’s capabilities plus the ability to look inside your Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) environment. Get real-time diagnostics and visual alerts on performance bottlenecks from the node to the cluster level and the interconnect.
  • Spotlight on Oracle Xpert Edition
    Get all of the capabilities from the Standard and RAC Editions, plus additional functionality including: automated SQL tuning to maximize SQL performance; OS diagnostics to quickly correct performance problems in Linux, Unix and Windows; and predictive diagnostics providing prediction of future performance for individual SQL statements on the database.

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