Space Manager with LiveReorg

The Challenge

Managing exploding growth of data on your Oracle database requires a strategy to optimize disk space to keep costs in line.

The Solution

Space Manager with LiveReorg offers a complete solution for capacity monitoring, space reclamation and reorganization for the Oracle environment. Your IT organization can be truly proactive when analyzing the capacity needs and cost requirements of your Oracle databases. An intuitive, visual display of your 24×7 database storage capacity delivers an analysis for planning budgets and assessing performance needs.

Quest Password Manager

Capability Highlights include:

  • Executive level report creation to analyze storage requirements and budget needs including a “what if” analysis for projecting future storage needs
  • Reorganization History report documents past reorganization activities to plan for future reorganizations and extrapolate space saving opportunities
  • Resolve fragmentation due to archiving of Oracle data
  • Identify the fastest growing databases, tablespaces and datafiles for planning purposes
  • Provide a consolidated view for managing all databases, tablespaces and datafiles

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