Sentry – SQL Server Sentry

When facing a crisis, it’s important to have knowledgeable and experienced people on hand to resolve the situation quickly.

LTC’s SQL Server Sentry Services gives you:

  • An experienced Senior DBA with extensive knowledge of your specific databases who can provide you with a second opinion when it comes to preventing or resolving issues.
  • Inspection each week of integral company databases to make certain that performance and productivity are at their best.
  • Reconfiguration of your databases, servers, and I/O subsystems for enhanced performance.
  • Weekly status reports covering your system’s performance, health, and upcoming workload in order of priority.
  • Study and details on potential benefits and dangers.
  • Mentoring and/or training as appropriate.
  • 10 customized hours per month of our Oracle Sentry Services.
  • Instant support if an operational crisis happens.

SQL Server Sentry Services FAQ’s

How does this service work?
Our Database Administrators will perform a weekly health check and issue a report that covers the weakness, strengths, threats and opportunities for your system. They will also suggest a list of tasks to be focused on for the upcoming week.

Our DBAs are like having your own FTE without the hefty price tag. Choose whether you prefer interactive support or autonomous support for your company. The DBAs who work for us have the experience to take over day-to-day management of your databases if you would prefer your in-house management team focus on other tasks.

If I have already paid for support, why should I consider Sentry Service?
By taking proactive steps such as seeking Foglight consulting, we will work to make sure that your databases are operating at their best. This will lower the risk of future problems, which means it’s less likely you’ll have to deal with support calls, case numbers, or waiting in line for support assistance.

Why do I need the SQL Server Sentry Service if I already have DBAs?
LTC’s expert DBAs will integrate themselves with your current operations resources, resulting in a more efficient team. They can also use their experience to provide your staff with mentoring and instruction in areas such as performance tuning SQL servers as needed.

Sentry Return On Investment (ROI) 

Salary of a Senior DBA = $110,000
Company taxes = $11,000
Insurance = $12,000
401k = $8,000
Vacation = $8,500
Equipment = $5,000
Software = $5,000
Total Senior DBA Cost as an FTE $159,500
Total Cost of LTC Sentry DBA $24,000
Savings from using
LeadThem Consulting

The SQL Server Sentry Service is currently available for $2,000 per month!

Download SQL Server Sentry Services PDF.


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