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Emergencies are a reality in any operation. When they occur, it’s important to have the best people on your side to resolve the crisis quickly and efficiently. LeadThem Consulting’s DBAs are a more affordable alternative to IT professional staffing.

LTC’s Oracle Sentry Services provide:

  • A Senior DBA who is familiar with the ins and outs of your databases to provide that “second set of eyes” that can assist in quickly solving or preventing problems.
  • Weekly inspection of your most important databases to help ensure the best performance and continued productivity.
  • Configuration of your I/O subsystems, servers, and databases for maximum performance.
  • Reports issued weekly regarding system status, performance along with lists of work in order of priority.
  • Investigation on and reporting of strong and weak points of the system.
  • Hands-on mentoring and training for new or existing staff.
  • Ten hours of our Oracle Sentry Services, custom-allocated by your operation each month.
  • Immediate assistance if a production emergency occurs.

Oracle Sentry Services FAQ’s

How does it work?
Each week, our DBAs will log on and perform health checks of your system. They will supply a comprehensive report that highlights the opportunities/ strengths and threats/weaknesses, as well as a list of tasks that they suggest for the forthcoming week.

LeadThem Consulting’s DBAs operate in conjunction with your staff as an FTE without the cost. You can decide which support option is right for you: autonomous or interactive. Our DBA have the experience to make day-to-day decisions regarding your database if you are looking to free up your internal management.

Why should I get Sentry Service if I’ve already purchased support?
Your support people don’t work the same way we do. We are proactive in our approach, working to prevent problems from cropping up and the need for dealing with the hassle and red tape that comes with a support case number. We do this by ensuring your databases are running at their optimal peak.

Why do I need the Oracle Sentry Service if we already have DBAs?
The top-tier Database Administrators at LTC work closely with your internal DBAs with the intention of creating a more efficient team. They can also train and mentor as needed, particularly when it comes to Quest solutions. We are the perfect choice for Quest Software licensing and assistance.

Sentry Return On Investment (ROI) 

Salary of a Senior DBA = $110,000
Company taxes = $11,000
Insurance = $12,000
401k = $8,000
Vacation = $8,500
Equipment = $5,000
Software = $5,000
Total Senior DBA Cost as an FTE $159,500
Total Cost of LTC Sentry DBA $24,000
Savings from using
LeadThem Consulting

The Oracle Sentry Service is currently available for $2,000 per month!

Download Oracle Sentry Services PDF.


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