Quest Performance Analysis for SQL Server

Quest Performance Analysis is a comprehensive database workload analysis tool that offers both real-time and historical monitoring and problem resolution features. It allows DBAs to rapidly and effectively focus their attention on database performance issues, letting them solve problems quickly while improving overall application responsiveness.

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Quest Performance Analysis for SQL Server offers an integrated health check engine which continuously analyzes performance information to detect database behavioral anomalies and inefficiencies. The findings are delivered as concise action plans, to maximize database performance and scalability. The health check encompasses a wide range of performance issues, best practices and advanced diagnostics.

Components of Quest Performance Analysis for SQL Server Include:

Performance Dashboard

  • Consolidates key performance metrics
  • Provides at-a-glance understanding of database health
  • Enables root-cause detection
  • Includes ‘health check’ results in the form of Performance Advisories and Best Practices


  • Adaptive database profiling technology built into the SQL Server memory sampling component of Performance Analysis known as StealthCollect™
  • Continually and invisibly monitors and analyzes database performance right from the middleware
  • Learns the database’s signature behavior for the hour of the day, day of the week, etc.
  • Determines the acceptable/normal ranges of activity, which gives comparison information needed to understand true database performance

Performance Advisories

  • Integrated database analysis used to detect a wide range of performance issues
  • Offers advanced diagnostics and coherent action plans to maximize database performance and scalability
  • Ensures the tuning process is both painless and efficient
  • Drill-down links to the offending database occurrence and supporting evidence
  • Optional in-context links to other Quest solution tools, for resolving diagnosed problems

Historical Lock Analysis

  • Detailed understanding of the impact of blocking locks on instance workload
  • Easily identify the most significant blocking lock scenarios
  • Quickly determine possible blocking SQL statements
  • Robust dimensional analysis of identified blocking lock scenarios
  • Fully integrated within Performance Advisories, and all Performance Analysis views

Change Tracking

  • Track operating system and SQL Server changes
  • Correlate changes with database performance
  • Identified changes include:
    – RAM, CPUs, Disks, etc…
    – SQL Server instance configuration parameters
    – SQL Server database configuration parameters
    – SQL Server database schema specifics (object creation, alteration, etc)
    – TSQL Statement Execution Plans
    – User Defined (input by users, e.g. build promotion/tuning indicators

Execution Plan History

  • Compare all iterations of TSQL execution plans
  • Leverages change tracking data
  • Complete operational history of TSQL performance

Compare Tool

  • Complete historical comparison of any and all dimensional data
    – Instance workload for different timeframes
    – Instance workload versus baseline behavior
    – Dimensional performance comparisons
  • Full integration with IntelliSense baseline data
  • Robust analysis of key performance metric
  • Detailed, intuitive, printable reports

Dimension Filtering

  • Granular data filtering t
  • ensure easy location and delivery of information when searching historical performance
  • Quick, efficient root cause detection

Executive Summary Report

  • The Executive Summary Report is a one-click report designed to deliver critical performance information to key decision-makers
  • Printable representation of Performance Dashboard
  • Can be scheduled and e-mailed to key decision-makers

Quest Performance Analysis for SQL Server offers integration with Toad for SQL Server and Benchmark Factory.

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