Quest Central for SQL Server

SQL Tuning

Eliminate Problematic SQL Before Users Experience Application Performance Issues.

Quest Central for SQL Server SQL Tuning is the most comprehensive tuning solution available for SQL Server environments. The Quest Central SQL Tuning component offers complete SQL performance optimization with problematic SQL detection, automated SQL optimization and benchmarking capabilities.

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Key Benefits

  • Lower I/O and CPU costs with optimized SQL
  • Reduces learning curve by providing intuitive SQL tuning environment
  • Streamline the SQL optimization process by avoiding the trial and error method involved with manual SQL tuning
  • Benchmarks SQL statements to find the highest performing statement for a database environment

Key Features

  • Automatically rewrites SQL launch windowinto every possible permutation to guarantee the most efficient SQL statement
  • Minimizes user interaction; lets the PC perform the SQL optimization launch windowwork rather than the user
  • Integrates with Benchmark Factory to test optimized SQL for scalability launch window, ensuring SQL in a test environment meets production requirements.

Quest Central database solutions are also available for Oracle, DB2 and Sybase.

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