Guardian Services – SQL Server Guardian

When emergencies occur, it’s essential to have the best assistance on hand to recognize and correct the problem as quickly as possible.

LTC’s SQL Server Guardian Services offer:

  • A savings of $99,500 compared to standard DBA assistance (as shown below).
  • An experienced Senior DBA who is familiar with all aspects of your databases and will be available all day every day, responding to your inquiries within 60 minutes.
  • Daily examination of essential databases to make certain they are operating at their peak.
  • Optimized server, database, and I/O subsystem configuration for the best performance.
  • Weekly report issued covering system performance, health, and prioritized suggestion of work to be done.
  • Investigation and feedback regarding threats and prospects.
  • Personalized mentoring and instruction.
  • 20 hours of LTC Guardian Services every month, customized according to your needs.
  • 25% discount on additional hours of service needed.

SQL Server Guardian Service FAQ’s

How does this service work?
The Senior Database Administrators who work for us are the cream of the crop. We will assign at least two DBAs to cover your company’s systems. As LTC DBAs have a wealth of experience working with SQL databases, you can trust that you will receive the best support in the industry for tuning your SQL server and more.

Our DBAs will carry out daily health checks, sending you a detailed report weekly that will outline the status of your systems (strong points, weak points, etc) and list work that is recommended for the following week.

Our people will work closely with yours.  Choose the level of support that works best for your needs.  If necessary, our DBAs can even assist you with making everyday database management decisions and performing tasks such as database performance tuning to lighten your operational load.

If I have already purchased support, why so I need SQL Server Guardian?
While support people are important to have on hand for emergencies, we offer a service that they don’t: preventing emergencies from occurring by ensuring that your databases are performing at the highest level possible. Let us help eliminate the need to wait on that unwanted support call!

If we already have DBAs, why SQL Server Guardian Service?
LTC’s industry-best Database Administrators work with your existing resources, allowing for greater efficiency and access to needed instruction and mentoring.

Guardian Return On Investment (ROI) 

Salary of a Senior DBA = $110,000
Company taxes = $11,000
Insurance = $12,000
401k = $8,000
Vacation = $8,500
Equipment = $5,000
Software = $5,000
Total Senior DBA Cost as an FTE $159,500
Total Cost of LTC Guardian DBA $48,000
Savings from using
LeadThem Consulting

The SQL Server Guardian Service is currently available for $4,000 per month!

Download SQL Server DBA Guardian Service PDF.


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