Guardian Services – Oracle Guardian

Emergencies happen. When they do, you need the best of the best to immediately identify and eliminate the problem.

LTC’s Oracle Guardian Services provide:

  • $99,500 savings over traditional DBA staffing methodologies (see below).
  • A Senior DBA who already knows your databases inside and out on-call 24 X 7, with a response time of an hour or less.
  • Daily inspection of your critical databases to ensure optimum performance and productivity.
  • Maximum performance configuration for your servers, I/O subsystems and databases.
  • Weekly reports of system health, performance and prioritized lists of work to be performed.
  • Analysis and reporting on areas of opportunities and threats.
  • Hands-on training and mentoring.
  • 20 hours of Oracle Guardian Services customized for your business each month.
  • Any additional hours will be automatically discounted by 25%!

Oracle Guardian Service FAQ’s

How does it work?
Our Senior Database Administrators are the best of the best. With our Guardian Services, a minimum of two DBAs will be assigned to your systems. Since our DBAs are intimately familiar with Oracle database administration, they will be able to provide you with a superior level of support.

Our DBAs will login daily to perform health checks and will provide a comprehensive report at the end of each week highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and a list of suggested work for the following week.

LTC DBAs work closely with your staff. You decide if interactive or autonomous support is right for you. Our DBAs can take the lead as necessary to free up management by making the day-to-day decisions associated with managing a database.

Why Oracle Guardian if I have already purchased support?
Our Guardians provide a service beyond that of normal support people: we take the necessary steps to prevent the need for emergency database support entirely. While it’s important to have support options available if you need them, isn’t it better to avoid needing them at all?

Our remote DBA services will be customized specifically for your business. Choose proactive maintenance over reactionary repair.

We already have DBAs, so why do I need the Oracle Guardian Service?
LeadThem Consulting’s top-level Database Administrators complement your internal resources and allow your team to be more efficient, while at the same time providing mentoring and training as appropriate.

Guardian Return On Investment (ROI) 

Salary of a Senior DBA = $110,000
Company taxes = $11,000
Insurance = $12,000
401k = $8,000
Vacation = $8,500
Equipment = $5,000
Software = $5,000
Total Senior DBA Cost as an FTE $159,500
Total Cost of LTC Guardian DBA $48,000
Savings from using
LeadThem Consulting

The Oracle Guardian Service is currently available for $4,000 per month!

Download Oracle DBA Guardian Service PDF.


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