Foglight Performance Analysis for SQL Server Micro Workshop (Use Oriented)

The FPASS Use-Oriented workshop is specifically geared toward the DBA who has not used FPASS and wants to achieve maximum value in minimal time. We leverage our FPASS expert along with our state-of-the-art lab to show real-world use cases and how FPASS can quickly assist the DBA in identifying and responding to performance problems as they happen and/or when they occurred previously.

The workshop is conducted in a one-on-one fashion and is interactive in nature. At the end of the workshop, the DBA will have a firm understanding of what FPASS is capable of and what steps they need to get started with their deployment.

Approach & Activities

The consultant will contact the client DBA to arrange a time for the Workshop to begin (NOTE: 5 business days notice are needed to reschedule).

Interview Goals for FPASS

  • Our FPASS expert will interview the DBA in order to fully understand exactly what the current challenges are, how many servers they are seeking to monitor and to make a recommendation on the best installation configuration.

One-On-One Use-Oriented Review

  • The DBA will login to our state-of-the-art simulation lab to examine real-world use cases with FPASS.
  • During the review, the DBA will be shown how the tool can make recommendations for real-time problems or those that already occurred (i.e. when most of us were sleeping).
  • The FPASS expert will show the power of IntelliProfile, advisories and several other key features.
  • The review will be interactive in nature and, as time permits, the DBA may have a chance to “drive” through some of the use cases.

Time Allocation

  • Interview: 30 minutes
  • Use-Oriented Review: 90 minutes

The FPASS Use-Oriented Micro Workshop is currently available for $350.

For more information, download the FPASS Use-Oriented Micro Workshop PDF.


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