Foglight Performance Analysis for Oracle Micro Workshop (Use Oriented 1:1)

The FPAO Use-Oriented workshop is specifically geared toward the DBA who either has not used FPAO before, or needs a brief refresher to achieve maximum value in minimal time. We leverage our FPAO expert along with our state-of-the-art lab to show real-world use cases and how FPAO can quickly assist the DBA in identifying and responding to performance problems as they happen and/or when they occurred previously.

The workshop is conducted in a “hands-on” one-on-one fashion and is interactive in nature. At the end of the workshop, the DBA will have a firm understanding of how to use FPAO. In cases where the client currently has a FPAO installation, we can (if requested) login to the environment and give a high-level assessment of the installation health.

Approach & Activities

The consultant will contact the client DBA to arrange a time for the Workshop to begin (NOTE: 5 business days notice are needed to reschedule).

Interview Goals for FPAO

  • To fully understand exactly what the current use challenges and/or goals are for FPAO.

“Hands-On” One-On-One Use-Oriented Review

  • The DBA will login to our state-of-the-art simulation lab to examine real-world use cases with FPAO.
  • During the review, the DBA will be shown how the tool can make recommendations for real-time problems or those that already occurred (i.e. when most of us were sleeping).
  • The FPAO expert will show the power of intelli-profile, advisories and several other key features.
  • The review will be interactive in nature and, as time permits, the DBA may have a chance to “drive” through some of the use cases.

Time Allocation

  • Interview: 30 minutes
  • Use-Oriented Review: 3.5 hours
    • If desired, this can include a Webex login to the client’s environment so that we can assess the current installation and make recommendations as needed.
    • During this time, the instructor will demonstrate how to use FPAO as efficiently as possible and then give control to the student to allow for “hands-on” learning.

The FPAO Use-Oriented Micro Workshop is currently available for $750.

For more information, download the FPAO Use-Oriented Micro Workshop PDF.


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