Foglight Performance Analysis for Oracle Micro Workshop (Scope Oriented)

This workshop is specifically geared toward the seasoned DBA who is already familiar with Foglight for Performance Analysis on Oracle (FPAO). In order to get the full value out of FPAO with the least amount of time, the installation needs to be done right the first time, which is exactly what this workshop prepares the DBA to do. The client DBA will work closely with our FPAO expert to examine the company’s FPAO goals and database environment, and to create a customized installation overview including the proper sizing for the FPAO middleware and Long Term Repository (LTR) that will help ensure a trouble-free deployment.

Approach & Activities

The consultant will contact the client DBA to arrange a time for the Workshop to begin (NOTE: 5 business days notice are needed to reschedule).

Interview Goals for FPAO

  • Our FPAO expert will interview the DBA in order to fully understand exactly what the current scoping challenges are and to make a recommendation on the best architectural configuration.

Architecture Review & Recommendation

  • Review current Oracle Architecture with the DBA (i.e. configurations, versions, OS version, etc.) to help ensure any “gotchas” are identified.
  • Examine current versions of the Oracle instances and their operating systems to be monitored to ensure they are supported.
  • Create, discuss and review the installation preparation list.
  • Recommend the optimal architecture given physical resources and company goals.

Site-Specific Documentation

  • Create a customized architectural document highlighting the recommended architecture, proper configuration, and deployment strategy.

Time Allocation

  • Interview: 45 minutes
  • Architecture Recommendation & Review: 75 minutes
  • Installation Overview Document: 120 minutes

The FPAO Scope-Oriented Micro Workshop is currently available for $750.

For more information, download the FPAO Scope-Oriented Micro Workshop PDF.


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