Foglight for SQL Server

We understand the need for expert skills delivered in the most cost and time-efficient manner possible, which is why we created the Foglight for SQL Server Micro Offering.

Some clients have very large environments that require large scale projects where others simply do not. This offering is specifically geared to get the new Foglight for SQL Server “up and running” as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible

How Do I Get Started?

  • The 1st step is ordering the Foglight for SQL Server Micro Offering from the webpage, or by calling us directly at 888-667-2621.
  • We then schedule a Readiness call and then the Micro Offering.

What’s Next?

Readiness Call:

  • Scope the size of server needed for the Foglight Management Server
  • Create and deliver a detailed preparation list

Foglight Installation & Configuration:

  • During a scheduled WebEx session our Quest Certified Foglight Expert will work closely with the Foglight Administrator to install and configure Foglight Management Server (FMS) and Foglight SQL Server Cartridge.
  • Once the FMS and SQL Server Cartridge has been installed and configured any additional time will be used for knowledge transfer, rule configuration, and/or site specific documentation, depending on the client’s goals.

What if we need additional time?

  • Some clients prefer we do the preparation work while others need additional Foglight Performance Analysis knowledge transfer. Regardless of what the need for extra time is we can accommodate via our online ordering system.

Time Allocation

  • Preparation (Readiness Call, Preparation List created, Micro Project Plan created): 2.5 Hours
  • Foglight Installation and Configuration (Ensure preparation is completed, Install and Configure FMS, Install and Configure SQL Server Cartridge): 17.5 Hours
  • Time Permitting: Knowledge Transfer, Set up rules, Site-specific documentation
  • Total Time: 2.5 Days (20 hours)

Pre-requisites And Assumptions

  • Ensure that all hardware and software requirements have been met for your current Foglight release.
  • Provide LTC consultants with adequate and appropriate access to Customer’s servers, systems, and technical resources as may be required.
  • Provide project team member with suitable business expertise, technical expertise, and decision-making authority to ensure project success.

The Foglight for SQL Server Micro Offering is currently available for $3,800.

For more information, download the Foglight for SQL Server Micro Offering PDF.


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