As a proud partner of Quest Software, LeadThem Consulting offers the service options you need to fully integrate these industry-leading solutions into your business operations and take advantage of their full range of features.


Quest Classes Available (Partners or Clients are welcome)

Course Name  # of Days Max # People
Active Roles Server Installation & Configure 2 8
Active Roles Server Administrator 1 8
Migration Manager for Active Directory 2.5 8
Migration Manager for Exchange 2.5 8
Migration Manager for AD & Exchange Combo 5 8
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 2 8
Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition 2.5 8
GPO Admin 2 8
Change Auditor 2 8
Active Administrator 1 8
Office 365 Migration Training Coming Soon!

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Quest Micro Engagements:

We understand that there are cases where our clients only need a few hours of help, but the help they do need is very specialized and often times very expensive. This is why we created the Quest Micro Engagement (QME) to provide clients with both knowledge and assistance from our certified experts as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. The Quest Micro’s consist of a remote training course coupled with 8 hours of consulting time to ensure our clients have the knowledge, tools, and ability to succeed


Quest Software products we can assist with our Custom Quest Micro Engagements:

Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory (QMMAD), Migration Manager for Exchange (QMMEX), Quest Active Roles Server (ARS), SharePoint Migration, QAS  Authentication Services, GroupWise Migrator, Notes Migrator, NDS Migrator,  Change Auditor, InTrust,and many others.

LTC Micro Offering:

Create a customized installation overview highlighting the recommended architecture, proper configuration, and deployment strategy.